Dlinkap.local redirects to You can use http://dlinkap.local or dlinkap.local as the default web address to configure or login to any Dlink extender or Dlink Wireless Booster. Dlink Extenders are commonly used to cover dead zones in your home or business. Dlink Extenders are simple plug-and-play devices; all you have to do is turn on your D-link device and hit the WPS button on both the D-link extender and the host Access point.

How can I do dlinkap.local login?

The steps of dlinkap.local login below mentioned.

  1. Open your   PC’s web browser and type dlinkap.local, the D-Link Extender’s default web
  2. Then go to, which is the d-link extender’s default IP address.
  3. The D-Link Extender login page will appear on the next screen; enter your dlink default login
  4. Click on ‘Login’ after providing your
  5. To finish the dlinkap.local login process, click the ‘Finish’

What are the steps of the dlink extender setup

Do you want to do a dlink extender setup? But you looking at the steps of the dlink extender setup. So, you can follow the mentioned steps and complete the dlink extender setup process.

  1. Connect the old phone charging adaptor to the wall outlet.
  2.  Check that the orange LED on your extension is blinking; this indicates that the extender is turned on and receiving adequate power.
  3. Connect to the newly discovered wi-fi connection by going to the Wi-Fi network area and clicking on it.
  4. On your extender, enter the default Wi-Fi password.
  5. (or) www.dlinkap.local -> Open a web browser -> Enter your code.
  6. Click login with admin as the username and no password.
  7. Click next after entering the password for the current Wi-Fi network.
  8. Give your extender a name and a password, then continue.
  9. Next, create a password for the Dlink extender and click next. 10.With this your dlink extender setup is complete.

Steps of dlink extender login:

  1. On your computer, launch any
  2. In the browser’s address bar, type local.
  3. You’ll be taken to the dlink login page after
  4. The user is prompted to provide their username and password. Please try a different browser if you are not redirected to the login
  5. Leave the Password box blank and enter “admin” in the Username field. If you’ve previously changed the admin password, you’ll have to do so again.
  6. The D-Link Wi-Fi Range Extender is now logged in to

How can I complete the dlink extender setup wizard?

Follow the given steps in order to complete the dlink extender setup wizard.

  1. Select the Setup Wizard option, form dlink extender setup,
  2. Select the   manual setup option to manually configure the D-link extender’s wifi
  3. To continue, click
  4. Choose the SSID of your source router or access point’s wireless
  5. To connect to the above SSID, you must also enter the wireless network password.
  6. As an extension Wi-Fi network, the D-link wireless extender would re-broadcast the Wi-Fi signals from the originating
  7. Both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks would have their own SSIDs and passwords set
  8. D-link extender setup allows you to adjust these wireless settings by entering the SSID and password information for an extended wireless network.
  9. The setup of the D-link extender is
  10. The wireless settings for both the source wireless router’s wifi and the extended Wi-Fi network are displayed on this summar.
  11. The smart signal status LED will show solid green light if the D-link extender is working

Easy steps for d-link quick router setup wizard.

  1. Turn your D-Link Router
  2. Using an Ethernet cable or WiFi, connect your PC to the
  3. Open a web browser and go to or once your PC is
  4. You’ll be taken to a login page. The admin username is the default, and the password field should be left blank. Now,log in by clicking the Log In button.
  5. Using the Internet Connection Setup Wizard, you can now configure and set up your
  6. Enter the SSID and Key under Wireless
  7. Select Static from the WAN Setup menu
  8. After you’ve configured your internet connection, click Save and Connect, and your router will automatically connect to the
  9. After that, go to Wireless Settings and configure your Wi-Fi network, including its SSID and

Steps of d'link extender setup WPS:

  1. First and foremost, connect the DLink Extender to your existing router in the same
  2. Next, connect the D-Link Extender to a power
  3. Press the WPS button on the Wi-Fi router after one
  4. After that, wait for the LED to become
  5. When the D-Link Extender and the router have established a connection, the LED will immediately turn solid
  6. Finally, unplug your D-Link Extender and place it where you want

Dlinkap.local Setup:

Are you unable to do dlinkap.local setup? And you want a solution to fix this error.

If yes! Then you can read the given steps and complete the setup.

  • Connect your laptop or PC to a Wi-Fi network with the name of
  • Because this is the first time connecting to this network, there will be no security, so no password will be
  • On the same device, open a browser and type in the IP address ‘’ (or) local.
  • Enter ‘admin’ in the ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ fields once you’ve been taken to the page to enter the credentials. Select ‘Login’ from the drop-down
  • Click the ‘Setup’ option on the main configuration
  • ‘Extend an existing wireless network’ should be selected. Choose the wireless network that corresponds to your main Wi-Fi router from the list of options. Once you’ve entered the correct password, click ‘Next.’
  • Also, create a password for the networks on your It doesn’t have to be the same as your primary Wi-Fi router.
  • For enhanced protection, click ‘Next’ and enter the ‘Admin’s’ password on the next page. This ensures that no one can tamper with your extender’s settings in the
  • Select ‘Next’ from the drop-down menu. You’ll be shown all of the changes you’ve made, and after you’re ready, click ‘Finish.’
  • It will ask if you want to save this configuration page as a bookmark. If you want to proceed, click ‘OK.’ The setup is
  • In 2 minutes, the extender will reboot and be ready to
  • Your devices can now connect to the extender’s Wi-Fi

How can I change dlinkap local admin password?

  1. Type http://dlinkap.local into a web browser’s address
  2. Type your Admin Password in the box given. If the password has not been changed from its default value, the password box should be left blank. By clicking the Log In button, you can log
  3. Select Management from the drop-down menu by placing your pointer in the top right-hand corner of the
  4. To change the Administrator password, type a new password in the Admin Password
  5. To save the current setup, click

Is it is possible to log in to dlink wifi extender via an IP address?
Yes it can. if you want to login into dlink via IP then you can follow the mentioned steps.

  • Open a
  • Type in the IP address ‘’ (or) local.
  • Enter ‘admin’ in the ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ fields once you’ve been taken to the page to enter the
  • Select ‘Login’ from the drop-down
  • With these steps, you can easily login into

How can I solve the error of dlinkap.local not working:

D-Link Extender Login Page dlinkap.local not working is a very common issue that users have. In that instance, the user can utilize the extender’s default IP address of It will take you to the D-Link Extenders login page.

Reasons of why dlinkap.local not working.

VPN software:

Users   who   use   third-party   VPN   software   may   experience issues with

dlinkap.local not working.

Dlink does not support VPN software, hence users are unable to access dlinkap.local.

As a result, you should uninstall the VPN software right away.

You will be able to resolve the issue of dlinkap.local not working once you uninstall the software.

Outdated firmware:

This error happens when users have outdated firmware installed. The Dlink page may not open at all in earlier firmware.

As a result, we recommend that our dlink users regularly upgrade their router firmware.

Password is incorrect:

You won’t be able to access the dlink.ap website if you log into a WiFi network with an invalid password.

As a result, double-check your login details whenever you enter them.

IP address is incorrect:

The Dlinkap.local error appears when you type the erroneous IP address into the URL field.

The IP address of Dlink is

Dlinkap.local does not load when users type the IP address of another router. So, type the correct IP address that we’ve given you.

Solutions of how to solve the error of dlinkap.local not working

  1. Make sure the site domain you’re entering is spelled
  2. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies, or switch to a different
  3. Check to see if you’re using any third-party VPN software, and if you are, uninstall
  4. Remove the extender and reconnect
  5. Make sure the orange LED light on your extension is
  6. Use the default IP address if internet connectivity is available.
  7. Connect to the wireless network using the default utility and the default password.
  8. Once you’ve gotten to the CMD Prompt, type
  9. There, match the extender’s IP address of 168.0.50.


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